Bridal Shower

One of the best ways to pamper the bride is to compliment her with attention and spend time in an intimate setting before the wedding is to throw a shower. Proper party planning is in order, whether you are decorating and buying accessories for a classic intimate party setting for the bride, or planning unique theme ideas.

The pre-wedding party for the bride is also called the bridal shower. The purpose of this event is to allow close friends and family of the bride to spend some valuable, intimate time with the bride, and pamper her before the wedding. During the party it is very common have bridal shower games as entertainment for shower guests, and have gifts given as well. Usually the host of the bridal shower, or the maid of honor, is in charge of preparing and planning the event, and is most likely in charge of developing most of the bridal shower ideas. It is her job to develop themes, as well as the games, and suggest a price range for the guests to spend on their gifts for the bride. It is not common, nor is it proper, to have an immediate family member (like a mother or sister) to host the bridal shower. However, in today's times, a lot of people break tradition. The hostess has a hard week ahead of her to plan for the bridal shower. In fact, for the maid of honor, bridal showers many end up being more stressful than they are going to be joyful!

More than likely you have heard the term shower a lot. After all, bridal showers are not the only type of showers. There are also baby showers, house warming showers, and so on. So what is a shower? A bridal shower (or any kind of shower) is really known as a party with a certain plan in mind. For example, a bridal shower is given to help a new couple get ready for moving in together. The family and quests would shower the bride with gifts. This includes getting them things that they may need for their house. Most of the time, nowadays, bridal shower themes are centered around one idea of central theme. This can be anything from a coed shower, BBQ themed shower, lingerie showers, tea party, room of the house, wine tasting party and more. Again it is up to the maid of honor to come up with the theme. The bride is not supposed to plan any of it; in fact the party is often a surprise. Most often the bride thanks the guests of the shower by creating or purchasing bridal shower favors to give to the guests in appreciation of attendance.

One of the most common used bridal shower themes, nowadays, is the lingerie shower. This usually turns out to be a favorite of the bride. However, this kind of party is only given if they are going to have more than one shower. This would be considered the "fun" shower for the bride and guests. Some ideas that you would use for this kind of shower would be to buy gifts like nighties, bras and sexy panties for the bride, while gorgeous scented sachets can be given as a favor keepsake to the guests. Usually the groom has no objection to this kind of party.

At bridal showers it is very common to have bridal shower games played as well. These games range in all different types and styles. Once again (as always), it is up to the maid of honor to pick out games that the bride would want to play. Usually the maid of honor knows the bride the best, so this should not be hard. Of course, it is not a requirement to have games at these kinds of parties, but it does help pass the time. After all, besides eating and opening gifts, there is not much left to do. However, the maid of honor should come up with enough stuff to do to fill the entire affair. A bridal shower is supposed to be a time for fun, and that is why bridal shower games work out really well.

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