Destination Weddings

A wedding that takes place in a non-local area - a place you will need to travel to including Hawaai, Las Vegas, Mexico, Europe and Canada is a popular theme for many bride and groom. The destination wedding to a resort or remote locale is very romantic and can bring out the best of the celebrated union. Browse our articles for tips, ideas and advice on planning a destination wedding, honeymoon and theme for your wedding.

Weddings are beautiful and special occasions no matter where they might take place. With that said, there are certain destination weddings which go above and beyond the expectations of the blushing bride and groom. Some of these romantic and unique locations will be detailed and one can decide for themselves if any of the following weddings fit one’s idea of the perfect wedding.

Caribbean Wedding

One beautiful and exquisite destination in which to say, “I do” is in the Caribbean. Planning a Caribbean wedding can almost guarantee that not only the bride and groom will have the best day ever but the guests as well. There are so many things which one can do with Caribbean weddings such as cruises that makes this wedding destination quite popular with many engaged couples. Whether the couple is exchanging their vows on a sandy beach during a gorgeous sunset or is having their ceremony in a century old church, there are so many good things to say about a destination wedding of this type. One can go as simple or as expensive as they like with a Caribbean wedding. The choice is theirs to make.

Exchanging Vows in a Vineyard

For those who love everything about wine country, why not have a beautiful wedding in a vineyard setting. This is the perfect destination wedding for not only the ceremony but the reception as well. The ceremony could take place outdoors in a natural setting and then have everyone move into a romantically lit reception room in the main winery building. Not only can guests enjoy the union of two special people but sample some local bubbly as well.

Mountaintop Weddings

Another perfect wedding destination is in the great outdoors high atop a mountain. The pictures that the couple will take away from a union in a place such as this will be absolutely breathtaking. This is the perfect destination wedding for the couple who wishes to embrace nature on their big day and invite their loved ones along for the ride. This can be as casual or elegant as the couple wants it to be. Just because a wedding is taking place outdoors does not mean that elegance will be absent.

Selecting the Perfect Spot

In order to choose the perfect destination wedding, the couple needs to sit down and figure out what they want for their special day. By talking about their options and desires for the wedding ceremony and reception, the couple will be better able to iron out the details and come up with the perfect wedding destination.


A couple’s wedding is an extremely special event. There are a number of wonderful options with regard to destination weddings that one is sure to choose the place that will suit them the best when it comes to exchanging vows with their loved one. There really is no wrong answer when it comes to wedding destinations. It is simply what the couple feels will typify a fabulous day overall.

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