Tye Dye Wedding Dress And Gown Ideas

When one thinks of a wedding gown or dress, the first thing that comes to mind is a white gown or dress that stands out in the wedding. However there are some people who prefer having some variety in their wedding, and opt for the tie dye wedding dress instead of the contemporary white wedding dress.

A tie-dye is basically a brightly colored and patterned piece of clothing made from ordinary cloth, usually cotton as synthetic materials don't let the color seep through it. A process called resist dyeing is used in tie-dying; this is a process that is a modified version of a traditional dyeing method used in many cultures of Asia and Africa. It gained popularity in the West in the late 1960s and early 1970s as part of the hippie style. Today some people use this concept in creating unique and colorful tie dye wedding dresses.

The tie dye wedding dress is made by preventing the dye from reaching some points of the wedding dress fabric by tying or crumpling it. This forms scintillating designs on the wedding dress as the inner layers of the fabric don't get dyed. The kind of tie that is used in the fabric is what determines the tie dye pattern of the tie dye wedding dress. The bulls eye is the most popular of the tie dye patterns, where there is a profusion of colorful rings in different colors or dyes.

The tie dyed wedding dress is the finest form of dyed dresses, where the designs are enriched with beautiful silver and gold thread embroidery and mirror detail. If you have the imagination and creativity, you could always decide on the right design for your dress. Of all the different types of weddings today, the tie dye wedding dress is the best option for the summer wedding.

As tie dye wedding dresses are very bold and unique , it is important that you order your dress well before your wedding. This is to ensure that the tie dye wedding dress will be ready for your wedding. You may have to have some trials done before you find the right fitting. These dresses are not only available in offline stores, you can also order them from online stores if you don't have any stores in your vicinity selling tie dye wedding dresses.

Jen Carter is owner of My Wedding Blog, a free wedding planning guide about weddings.

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