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Trusting you hair dresser is one thing, trusting your hairdresser on your wedding day is another. Having a good relationship with the person doing your wedding hair on that special day is essential, especially since looking great starts with great hair.

A good idea is to go through the “wedding hair plan” with your stylist in advance, especially with an up-do or a French Roll. Since a lot of hairspray and bobby pins are usually used, it is necessary to make sure that it is going to stay in through the day, for the pictures, during the reception, and an evening of dancing. Taking the up-do for a test run, be it at a stagette, or just on a night out before the wedding day is a good way to tell if that is going to be the hairstyle you want on your wedding day. If the same stylist is doing the wedding hairstyles it is wise to have them do the same thing.

If you are looking for something to make your up-do a little more fancy, specialty bobby pins with decorative rhinestones can be purchased at some salons, and drugstores in the hair accessory section. You can also purchase hair accessories that have butterflies or flowers on the ends of them so they accent your wedding hair style from out of the side of your wedding updo or French Roll.

If your stylist is coming to your location on the day of the wedding, make sure they get there earlier than you need them to be. You just never know what can happen to a stylist on the way there. If you are getting married at 2 pm and it is going to take 45 mins to an hour to do your wedding hair have your hair dresser there at least 2 hours before.

Quite often the mother of the bride and the bride will go to a salon and get their hair done together on the morning of the wedding. This is a great time to relax - why not have a manicure or pedicure while you are there!

If you are choosing to have your hair colored or high-lighted for the wedding, get that done a few days to a week before. Sometimes high-lights can be bright and look a little too phony when they are first put in. Having the chance to wash your hair a couple of times will tone this down quite a bit for a more natural look. This also applies for hair color, give yourself the time to decide if you like it, and the opportunity to change it.

If you are doing your wedding hair yourself, or having a friend do it make sure they have to correct tools is key, for big bouncy curls, hot rollers, and for straight hair a ceramic straightener can be picked up at any drugstore for a reasonable price. They are also a lot better for your hair than the metal hair irons…those just cause frizz

In any event, always remember to have fun and enjoy your special day – you deserve it!

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